• Major scales, harmonic minor, melodic minor, complete their modes.
  • Diminished scale, whole tone.
  • Major and minor triads.
  • Arpeggios to 4 items: M7, m7, CM7, m7 (b5), dim7, m / M7, M7 (b5).
  • Harmonization of the major scales, minor, minor harmonic and melodic.
  • Picking technique, legato, sweep, tapping, etc. (the various ways of use).
  • Blues & rhythm change.
  • Slide guitar, dobro, lap steel.
  • Practice of walkin 'bass.
  • Reading music.
  • Seventh chords to learn in different families.
  • Agreements to be developed with the techniques of voice leading, chord scales, quartal harmony.
  • Ear training and transcripts.
  • Use of different chromatic notes.
  • Intervals in different forms.
  • Use of creativity in improvisation and composition.
  • Creating a repertoire that is constantly expanding with the addition of new tracks.
  • Styles: blues, jazz, rock, metal, country, fingerstyle.

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